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When there are stubborn spots on the body that just don't improve with diet and exercise, SculpSure® fat reduction can be the ideal solution. VM Cosmetic Surgery was one of the first practices in the Los Angeles area to offer SculpSure, and it's now a popular non-invasive method of fat reduction. Dr. Edwin Choi expertly delivers this treatment to Los Angeles, Garden Grove, and Diamond Bar patients who want to want to look their best. Make an appointment now using the online tool to get started on losing the extra fat.

SculpSure Q & A

What is SculpSureĀ®?

SculpSure is a type of non-surgical laser fat reduction. Just one SculpSure treatment destroys as much as 24% of the excess fat in the target area.

SculpSure is a great solution for spot fat reduction if you're at or close to your ideal body weight. However, it's not ideal for major fat removal or for excess skin removal.

If you're significantly overweight or you need excess skin removal, liposuction or a tummy tuck might be a better choice. Dr. Choi will review your options with you to help you make the right choice for your body.

Where on my body can I have SculpSure treatment?

You can have SculpSure treatment in nearly any place where you have extra fat. The most popular treatment areas are the:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • Upper arms
  • Submental area (under chin)

How does SculpSure work?

Dr. Choi places a total of four applicator paddles, grouped closely together, on the treatment area and secures them with straps.

The SculpSure laser moves through the upper two layers of skin down to the fat layer. The laser heats the fat to melt it while cooling your skin at the same time. Most patients tolerate SculpSure treatment quite well, so you'll be able to use your cellphone, read, or even nap during treatment.

SculpSure laser fat reduction takes only 25 minutes per treatment area. Even if you're treating multiple areas, treatment takes less than an hour.

When will I see results from SculpSure?

You'll see results gradually because it takes time for your body to process and eliminate the liquified fat. The majority of patients notice a positive change by the time they're six weeks post-treatment.

From after six weeks post-treatment, your results will steadily improve until you see the final results at around week 12.

How many SculpSure treatments will I need?

It depends on your body contouring goals. Many patients are quite pleased with their results after only one SculpSure treatment. After you've seen the final results of your first treatment, you can schedule another session if you want to further refine your look.

Want to melt your extra fat away? Make a SculpSure appointment with Dr. Choi now via the online tool.