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Edwin Choi, MD

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Problems like old tattoos, age spots, and acne scars can make it hard to feel confident and attractive. The Picosure® laser treatment at VM Cosmetic Surgery can non-invasively treat all of these problems and more in short office visits. Dr. Edwin Choi helps patients in the Los Angeles, Garden Grove, and Diamond Bar areas look and feel beautiful. Make an appointment via the online tool now.

PicoSure Laser Q & A

What issues can Picosure® treat?

Picosure is both highly powerful and very customizable. This laser treatment can remove or reduce:

  • Age spots
  • Melasma
  • Unwanted tattoos
  • Acne scars

How does the Picosure laser work?

Dr. Choi holds the Picosure device to deliver controlled bursts of light in the treatment areas. The short bursts, one trillionth of one second each in length, move past the top layer of your skin to reach the pigment or tissue they need to target.

When the laser light reaches the dermis layer of skin, it starts breaking apart the tissue or pigment to destroy it. This prompts your body to make new collagen, which encourages healing and helps smooth depressions in your skin.

Is Picosure better than other laser treatments?

Picosure is superior to other lasers for several reasons.

Gentle to skin

Picosure is gentle; while other lasers often have to break your top layer of skin to access the dermis, Picosure won't break or harm it in any way.

Acoustic wave technology

Picosure uses the acoustic wave method of pigment and tissue breakdown. This method is so powerful that the tissue and ink fragments shatter into miniscule near-invisible particles. Your body absorbs the particles and then metabolizes them out normally.

Safe for all skin types

A major advantage of Picosure is that it's suited for all skin types. Other lasers often cause problems like excess pigmentation in Asian skin and darker skin types, but Picosure is highly effective and safe for all skin.

How many Picosure treatments are needed?

It depends on a few different factors, including the condition and the severity of the problem areas. The majority of issues require 5-10 treatment sessions. Dr. Choi will create a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs.

You don't need any downtime at all with Picosure treatment. If you'd like, you can even schedule your treatment during your lunch hour. Treatment sessions are normally scheduled around six weeks apart so Dr. Choi can evaluate your progress at each appointment.

If you want a solution for acne scars, old tattoo ink, or skin pigmentation, schedule a Picosure appointment with Dr. Choi via the online tool now.